Increase Your Sells with a Great Headline

Do you already have your website, and your social networks, but you can’t increase your sales?

Are you satisfied with the headlines of your posts?

The headline is your business card and that’s why it must make an impact.

The average user spends 5 seconds (and I dare say a slightly less too), and if they read something boring, confusing, or complicated, they will pass you by and bye-bye sales.

Change that with a catching eye headline

It’s not easy, we copywriters think a lot about the title, it’s often the last thing we write, as it summarises the body of the message. By title I don’t just mean a social media post, but also the home page of your website, a Tik Tok video (by title we mean the first 5 seconds of the video), among other examples.

A good headline will generate:

Improve the Results of a Marketing Campaign

Increase your audience

MORE SELLING (This is the most important part, right?

Better positioning

Sounds great, but how do I do that?

  • Simple and clear title. If the title is confusing, people will not stay to read the rest. You have to tell them clearly what you are offering and the benefit they are going to get in return (a story, a discount, a new product). Don’t use complicated words.
  • Appeal to their curiosity. Questions, impact words and personalization (uses of “You”). Example in an email subject line:

Subject: Discount shoes

Subject: Want to improve your health? Start with this great discount on sports shoes

See the difference? Questions, the use of “You”, and the curiosity of not knowing how much is the discount until you open the post or e-mail.

  • Keep it short. As we already said the user gives you 5 seconds of attention, and they are also lazy (we are, I include myself obviously). We don’t like to read something long and complicated. Make the titles short, use images, emojis, visual impact that doesn’t make them read so much (at least at the beginning).

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