web design and development

A website is essential for your business: constant online presence, promotion, direct communication, professional image, differentiation and opportunities for growth.

Gather Information and Planning

I will collect all the data for the website: brand brief, images, texts. Organization in Notion/Google Drive for efficient management and good organization of all documents.

Determine the Structure Sitemap

We will decide together the structure of the site, that is, the number of sections it will have, what those sections would be and how they interact with each other, which is known as a SITEMAP.

Site Design Wireframe

This is the moment where we have to lay out the site, that is why it is so important to have everything previously reviewed. This will be presented in PDF or Figma so that the client can see how their site will look when finished.

Site Development self-administered

Once the design is approved, it will be taken to the site.
I will work in this case with **Wordpress** in the development of the same, which will allow the administration by the client.